Where it all began…

This is where it all began. The place where they built a dam in the Rotte, which was the origin of our current Rotterdam. The dam was built around the year 1270, was 400 meter long and at that same place now the Hoogstraat can be found. Since 2010 there is a piece of art… Read more »

Alternative Musea

  Of course Rotterdam has – like every other city – plenty of good and some even quite famous musea to visit. The Kunsthal and Boymans van Beuningen are probably the ones most mentioned and visited. There are however so many more places to go. Why not go to a smaller museum which is almost… Read more »

The Submarine Hangar

The Submarine Hangar or ‘Onderzeebootloods’ has had many purposes throughout the years. What used to be a place where submarines were built is now an exposition space for large-scale art projects, varying from (classical) musical festivals and dance shows to an exposition about the bombing of Rotterdam. And if this alone is not worth a… Read more »

Sleep tight

After partying all Friday night you might be longing for a good night sleep. Of course there are, like in any other city, more than enough big hotel chains where you can have a perfect night of sleep. Or if you look for a more personal place to lay your head you can every day… Read more »

Party Fever

Yes, we know. You come to a city to be a good tourist and to do some intensive sightseeing to make sure you have visited all the highlights so you can tell your friends and family at home all about it. Right? Or maybe (probably) you are also interested in going out and have some… Read more »

Heights & Views

One of the things that differentiates Rotterdam from other Dutch cities, are the tall and big buildings. The White House used to be the tallest in Europe, and even though it hasn’t been ruined in WWII, many other buildings are now much taller. And, as you may realise, heights come with great views. Looking at… Read more »

Secret hide-outs

Some places do not belong in tourist guidebooks or internet pages because they lose their charm and purpose once many people find out about them. A ‘secret’ garden for example. Or that tiny restaurant where there is only room for few. These places are often difficult to find in a new or strange city, and… Read more »

Rotterdam’s giant

Can you imagine being 2.38 meters tall? You will only realise how tall the Giant of Rotterdam was (or how small you are) by standing next to his statue. Oh yes, and he is located near one of the most interesting streets in Rotterdam. Wanna go explore? info@offroadrotterdam.com

Dinner with a local

When you are in a new or strange city, what do you want most? To meet locals and to discover how they live and what they like to do in their city? Well, that is just what we offer you. Dinner with a local. You can decide when and where, or you can leave it… Read more »

Book a personal tour

We offer several tours in the evening and in the weekend. Be sure to book your own personal tour for your visit to Rotterdam! Interested in culture? Biking? The harbour? Dinner & drinks? All of the above? We will discuss with you what you want and how much time you would like to spend. What… Read more »

  • The Luchtsingel

    During the ‘Day of Architecture’ in June 2015 the Luchtsingel was officially opened in Rotterdam. After getting of the train at Central Station this is just a short walk away. Curious about this new strange bridge and interested in learning more about it? Let us know! We’d love to share our knowledge. Oh, and yes!… Read more »

  • Rotterdam Markets

    Rotterdam has not always been a popular tourist destination, partly because it is difficult to see the beauty within all the grey buildings and streets from the reconstruction period after WWII. With the opening of the Markthal last October however, Rotterdam officially became internationally noticed as the city to visit in 2015. Opinions differ about… Read more »

  • Go offroad

    Planning a trip to Rotterdam? Need some inside information about secret spots, best bars and restaurants? Why not send us an email and we’ll do anything to help you get an amazing time in Rotterdam! info@offroadrotterdam.com