things-to-do-in-rotterdam-sleep-tight-B&B-Anno1867-breakfastAfter partying all Friday night you might be longing for a good night sleep.

Of course there are, like in any other city, more than enough big hotel chains where you can have a perfect night of sleep. Or if you look for a more personal place to lay your head you can every day find more apartments and rooms for rent with AirBnB. And then there is the third option. This B&B which brings you back in time as the name already suggests; Anno 1867. The owners bought this beautiful house in 2010 and because it is too big for the two of them, they¬†decided not to keep it all to themselves, but to make it available for dining, meetings and as a B&B. Even if you weren’t looking for it, you have found it. Sleep tight.

Written by Offroad